The company was founded in the year 2000. The company is based on people. People, who are honest, open and like what they do. They are well trained and have years of experience in their field of competence. Basics that are crucial to interact with customers. Our business can be compressed by the term: Second Line Automation. It addresses the area just above the production process, there where processes can be monitored and controlled. It is right on the information exchange point between production process and management. This means that Innexion holds multidisciplinary experience and knowledge.Areas were Innexion was involved in projects are the chemical and petrochemical industry, Paper & Pulp industry, the metal industry and the Internet service providing.

The multidisciplinary experience and knowledge of Innexion can be divided into a number of company competences:• Multi Disciplinary Project Management• Advance Control and Optimization• Real-time databases solutions,• Embedded Software and Web based applications•. Our customers are:• ASML•, Delaware• Bekaert NV•, Dupont de Nemours,• Planet Internet Belgium•, SAPPI Maastricht. Further detailed description of our competences are laid out in other pages.