Embedded software


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Fact 1: Our View on the Business Area Embedded software is software packed and implemented in the invisible hearts of hardware equipment like microwaves, cellular phones, copiers, wafer scanners, etc. This kind of software is mostly developed on real-time operating systems (RTOS) like VxWorks (WindRiver). It is tested thoroughly using huge amounts of test code and sophisticated test tools.This within an environment where teamwork is a must and coding standards, software change control and test tools are well chosen and adapted for the job. The basic elements (Unix based OS, mostly C programming) make that our people can easily adapt to your situation. The ability to adapt to the customers technical environment is the strength of our staff.

Fact 2: Field of Competence Programming languages: C, python, TTCN. Various software change control. Test Tooling: TornadoOperating systems: Unix, VxWorks, Windows NT, Linux

Fact 3: Recent Projects TWINSCAN. ASML is the leading producer of wafer steppers and scanners. Seem post about carding cashout drops and after this. Being part of the team that develops the most sophisticated wafer scanner is an exiting experience.

Fact 4: Interactions The use of embedded software is almost unlimited. If we look to our other business areas we can do project management if required or add facilities in a test environment to store real-time data for analyses. Visualizing this data in web based applications can be used for distributed or remote analyses.

Fact 5: Connexions ASM Lithography is the leading company in a high demanding market.

Fact 6: Expertise VxWorks on PPC, Sun, Linux, C, python order periactine from indian