Advanced Control and Optimization


Fact 1: Our View on the Business Area To meet market demands production processes need to perform in an optimal way both technically as well as economically. Advanced control and optimization systems will hand you fast automated adjustment capabilities. This will help you to increase throughput, improve operational performance and consistency, improve process knowledge, increase profits and reduce cost of production. Business Sectors were Innexion have been involved in projects are the chemical and petrochemical, Glass, Paper & Pulp and Metal.


Fact 2: Field of Competence Innexion is able to perform a complete advanced control and optimization project including testing, analysis, development, implementation, commissioning. Within Innexion experience with the advanced control and optimization packages DMCPlus, DMC, SMCA and RT-OPT is available.


Fact 3: Recent Projects Advanced Control and Optimization systems were implemented on • A Vacuum Unit separating HVGO and LVGO for an Austrian refiner.• A Naphta/Ethylene furnace including TMT and severity calculations.• A HF Alkylation Unit including a reactor a de-isobutanizer, an iso-stripper    and a depropanizer.• A Catalytic Reformer Unit including the reactor, regenerator and    debutanizer column.• A Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Unit including the reactor/regenerator,    main fractionator and debutanizer column.


Fact 4: Interactions Real time databasesOur advanced control and optimization solutions drive the manufacturing process to execute in the most effective way possible based on targets coming from our information management solutions. These information management solutions capture what actually happened and feed it back to the ERP system.  Internet sites and applicationsAs the future of e-business in the process industries comes into focus, manufacturers are beginning to ask themselves how they can make their enterprises “internet ready”. On the one hand the internet techniques can be used to visualize and distribute data. On the other hand the internet can be used to pick up the market signals to react to.


Fact 5: Connexions Among customers in this area are:• Bekaert NV


Fact 6: Expertise Aspen Technology’s DMCPlus, DMC, SMCA and RT-optAspenTech is world leader in providing advanced control and optimization solutions. Their products DMCPlus and RT-opt are state-off-the-art.