Realtime databases


Fact 1: Our View on the Business Area To meet market demands in a difficult economic environment valid decisions and  fast adjustment capabilities are required. To provide better, timely information, real-time data storage, monitoring and analysis become a mandatory issue. Business Sectors were Innexion have been involved in projects are the chemical and petrochemical, Paper & Pulp and the metal.

Fact 2: Field of Competence To the knowledge backpack of Innexion belong real-time databases like Infoplus.21, Setcim and PI and also SCADA systems like Intouch and FixDmacs. Innexion has experience with real-time interfaces to several DCS systems and PLCs. real-time interfaces to relational databases such as Oracle and Informix, the development of such interfaces and real-time applications.

Fact 3: Recent Projects Y2K Migration for SETCIMFor Bekaert 6 plants (4 in Europe and 2 in the US) to SETCIM 4.8 on HP Unix were migrated. Process Monitoring of chemical process for Dupont LuxembourgImplementation of a process monitoring system using Infoplus.21. Scheduled and reports on demand were presented as webpages within a VB ActiveX control. The obsolete data stores were converted to Infoplus.21.Phase 2For SAPPI Maastricht, a producer of paper,  the second phase of their Process Information Management System was done.: Migration to latest version of Infoplus.21 Installing new versions of scan node software. Add and update of reports.

Fact 4: Interactions Real time information both ways!The gathering of process information with a state-of-the-art real-time database gives the opportunity to historize, analyze and report to all levels of the organization on the spot. This improves decision-making. The process control and optimizing solutions drive the manufacturing process to execute the schedule in the most effective way possible. The information manage-ment solutions capture what actually happens and feed it back to the ERP system. Both efficiency and flexibility can be critical competitive advantages. This can be achieved by the integration of real time information systems with ERP and Advanced Control and Optimization applications.  Internet sites and applicationsAs the future of e-business in the process industries comes into focus, manufacturers are beginning to ask themselves how they can make their enterprises “internet ready”. On the one hand the internet techniques can be used to visualize and distribute data. On the other hand the internet can be used to pickup the market signals. If the business processes are in place to facilitate rapid decision-making and adjustments, one can react to these signals.

Fact 5: Connexions Among customers in this area are:• Athur Andersen / Delaware / Bekaert NV / Dupont de Nemours / SAPPI Maastricht/Lanaken.

Fact 6: Expertise Aspen Technologies Infoplus.21and SetcimAspentech is world leader in providing real-time databases and their products Infoplus.21 and Setcim are state-of-the-art.