Web based applications


Fact 1: Our View on the Business Area As the future of e-business in the industries comes into focus, manufacturers are beginning to ask themselves how they can make their enterprises “internet ready”. The internet is a fast medium and can be used to pick up market signals. Not only the internet but also the tools and applications around it profound a good base to interact with the market, the customers and operational staff. Web-based applications are ideal as graphical user interface (GUI), visualizing and distributing data. Business Sectors were Innexion have been involved in projects are mostly by internet service providers and the industry.

Fact 2: Field of Competence Innexion has expertise in Online Registration applications based on databases like Portal Infranet, Oracle and Sybase. Innexion also creates Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) based on web applications or applications that use the internet (or intranet) to transfer data.

Fact 3: Recent Projects Planet Internet Belgium• Innexion has developed the Online Registration for Adsl and Mine• Innexion was involved in “Databeesten”, i.e. a complete restructuring of     how data is handled and where data is stored. Innexion lead and     executed several projects within this very large and company wide     project, such as the migration of CMS (database based on Sybase) to     Infranet, migration and restyling of the billing process, migration of     customers product-wise, etc.Process Monitoring of chemical process for Dupont LuxembourgInnexion implemented a process monitoring system using Infoplus.21. Scheduled reports on demand were presented as webpages within a VB ActiveX control.

Fact 4: Interactions The internet and its tools and applications can offer a window to interact with the market. Business goals and strategies can be adjusted based on the information coming from the internet and timely interactions with the operational site of your business. It is here that real-time solutions including real-time databases, advanced control and optimization as well as embedded software can be crucial.

Fact 5: Connexions Among customers in this area are:• Planet Internet Belgium• Dupont de Nemours

Fact 6: Expertise A wide variety of products and languages is used so far, such as Portal Infranet 5.5.3 and 6.1, Oracle, HTML, CGI-scripting, Perl, JavaScript, C, Java and many more.